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Giving to the Foundation

Why Give

In life or death situations, we all stand to lose so much. It is in these moments that the importance of emergency medical services and quality health care for all Los Angeles residents, including our most vulnerable, become obvious.

Similarly, many of our community’s most vulnerable are trying to manage chronic illness while impacted by food and housing insecurity which has become further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  To meet the needs, and better serve, our most vulnerable community members in the post-COVID-19 “New Normal”, the Foundation is seeking funding and partnerships from various avenues. 


Donations to the Foundation help bring expanded programs, services and equipment to our emergency department, clinics, The Wellness Center at the Historic General Hospital, service lines and more. 

Share Your Story

Each year, the Los Angeles General Medical Center and The Wellness Center at the Historic General Hospital impacts many patients who have experienced some of life’s most challenging moments and some of life’s most joyous moments.


We see our patients like family and would love to hear and share their story. Share your story with us and help us continue to spread the experience of health and wellness at the Los Angeles General Medical Center and The Wellness Center at the Historic General Hospital. 

Ways to Give

Through the generous support of our donors, the LAC+USC Medical Center Foundation is able to provide critical funding for many key programs and services that impact the lives of our patients and community.


Get involved today through:

  • Corporate Partnership

  • Recurring Charitable Gift Planning

  • Bestowing a Major Gift

  • Estate or Living Trust Planning

  • Emergency or Crisis Response Fund

  • Event or Program Sponsorship

  • In-kind donation of goods and/or services


Every donation, no matter the size, assists with programs and activities that help our first responders, staff, patients and community maximize health and well-being as well as achieve goals to reach their fullest potential and highest quality of life.

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